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The following coding system was used to identify the origin of each variable that was included in the analyses: created (created from more than one wave of data or other change), SRI (original item in the NLTS2), dichotomized (made into a dichotomous variable from a categorical NLTS2 variable).
a) The dichotomous variable used in models 1 and 2 was replaced with the original summary score in model 3 due to issues of multicollinearity.
To test more formally whether the participation and conditional demand elasticities are statistically different between those with and without emotional or behavioral problems, we estimate models by pooling the data and adding dichotomous variables for emotional or behavioral problems and an interaction term between the problem indicator dummy and cigarette price.
One general model involves pooling the data across waves (in this instance, Waves 1 and 3) and adding a dichotomous variable for the third wave of data collection ([W.
A dichotomous variable classified them by educational status: Those enrolled in school with passing grades and high school graduates were compared with those enrolled in school with failing grades and high school dropouts.
Although respondents indicated a wide array of responses for race and ethnicity, final models included only a dichotomous variable for African Americans (with white and other races as the reference group) as preliminary analyses indicated no significant differences among other racial groups and because existing literature suggested that African Americans have decreased risk of suicidality compared with other racial groups in the United States that were available in our sample.
Finally, the coefficients of the year dichotomous variables (2001-2002 is the omitted year) reflect what is observed in the aggregate continuation rate data, namely that over the 6 year period associate professor continuation rates trended downward slightly by about 2.
as they were recorded in the examination) or as dichotomous variables.
In addition to examining the contribution of each service individually to the regression model using these dichotomous variables, we summed the number of services received by each client, creating a separate, continuous variable.
In second step a dichotomous variable was constructed which took value 1 if the above mentioned variable was 4 and zero otherwise.
To control for regulatory boundaries and home bias, a dichotomous variable is included for whether the trade flows cross a state boundary.
A dichotomous variable was created at T2 and at T3 (0 = no FWBRs, 1 = one or more FWBRs) and combined across T2 and T3: (0) no FWBRs and (1) one or more FWBRs.