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The flaw "excessive contact noise at landing" seems to have two separate criteria in modified TJA compared with the dichotomously scored TJA.
Third, we calculated the compliance index dichotomously without considering the items.
We assessed the internal consistency of the PPS using the jMetrik software (Version 2.1.0; Meyer, 2011) and fit a congeneric model assuming that a single continuous latent factor underlies the dichotomously and trichotomously scored PPS items (McDonald, 1999).
Perceived accessibility of contraception is dichotomously coded, yes/no, in response to the question:
When all items in the Phonological Component Scoring Template were dichotomously assessed, the sum of correct responses for each linguistic feature (construct) was computed.
(2013), two types of grouping variable were dichotomously simulated which are within cluster (e.g., gender or age group) and between cluster (e.g., type of school or teaching method).
28.5 x 18.66); walls thickened, hyaline, well echinulate and 2.5-4 um (4 um); PARAPHYSES were marginal, yellowish brown to reddish brown, cylindrical or clavate, 50-130 (-135) x 6-8 um thick, apically rounded; wall 1-3 um thick, side walls seems thicker at apex, hyaline below and sometimes dichotomously branched.
Instead, a simple nasal swab was taken from both nostrils and large (4-6 um diameter), dark blue septate hyphae with parallel sides that branched dichotomously at 45 angle were the most common findings.
Mertz's study in analytic ontology begins with the truism that all that exists divides exhaustively, though not dichotomously, into subjects and their attributes--qualities, characteristics, modes, descriptors.
It was coded dichotomously (1 = yes; 0 = no) based upon the respondent's estimated weekly hours spent in the business sphere.