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All of the preceding variables were coded dichotomously (1 = yes; 0 = no).
The first control variable Audit Quality is measured dichotomously.
Basidiomata stipitate, deep-rooted, 510 cm long, bright yellow when fresh becoming orange on drying, dichotomously branched, branches erect, terete, or compressed, with pointed tips.
With the exception of Social Desirability, which was keyed so that true = 1 and false = 0, and Gender, which was recorded using a dummy-coded, dichotomously scored nominal variable, with 0 designating Males and 1 designating Females, participants rated all items with assigned values ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).
The presence or absence of these themes in the narratives were then converted to dichotomously coded variables and employed in a cluster analysis in order to statistically organize and model different subgroups among consumers of TA.
Table 1 displays the percent exact agreement for the five dichotomously rated criteria prior to rater adjudication.
Pelage sheen, subjectively and dichotomously characterized by a single observer in all individuals, was most successful (96% success).
Treatment satisfaction responses were dichotomously coded, given the substantial negative skew for these ratings.
1 mm, of determinate growth, pale glaucouswhite, pale brown at base, slightly sinuous, dichotomously branching at irregular intervals of about 1.
These were identified as regular slender, septate hyphae that branch dichotomously at an angle of 45 degrees.
8A-B) is a small, dichotomously forked antler with a steeply rising beam.