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The English version of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac, version 4, is available immediately for download starting at $999.
In cooperation with Nuance, MacPractice is certified compatible and integrated with this new version of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac.
Dragon Dictate for Mac allows people to save time and to be more productive at school, work, home, or on the go with dictation speeds up to three times faster than typing, with words appearing on the screen as you speak them.
In addition to the voice commands that MacSpeech Dictate 1.
The ease of command and control and formatting, plus the ability to dictate and upload later, has made a great impact on productivity, which will only increase as the next generation becomes more entrenched in the workforce.
One of these is the Broadcasting Act of 1996, which dictates that "it shall be the duty of each broadcasting body to retain a recording of every television or sound programme which is broadcast by that body--
Greater Productivity--One can usually dictate faster than one can type.
In any of these situations, the defensive pressure will dictate the amount of caution or the abandon a player can use to establish and maintain the squared-up triple threat position and then execute one of his three options--pass, dribble, or shoot (again, if in range of the basket).
While credentials can initially make you more attractive to a potential employer, how you interact with people will dictate the possibilities of longstanding relationships.
The mean time needed to dictate notes was two minutes.
Users can dictate into a Naturally Speaking window, or into any of the major word processors (for example, Microsoft Word).
Users can utilize a HandEra handheld PDA computer to dictate notes in the office, hospital or home.