dictate peace

See: reconcile
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The regime's resilience had started to give the impression that it might survive and even dictate peace terms to the opposition.
A political public agreement between Israel and the Gulf Arabs has developed on a mutual understanding that the dismantling of the Syria -- Iran alliance as a prelude to a "regime change" in both countries is the regional priority, without loosing sight of the endgame, which is to dictate peace with Israel as the regional power under the U.
Other nations, when victorious on the battlefield, dictate peace terms, as we did in World War II.
Afghanistan has been complaining for long that Pakistan was using arrested Afghan Taliban leaders to dictate peace terms in Afghanistan.
The second Obama Administration cannot dictate peace to Israelis and Palestinians.
But the members of the UN Security Council with the most influence in Damascus - namely, Russia and China -- are unlikely to support any further moves by outside forces to dictate peace terms in Syria.
Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms.
When the laws of nature dictate peace, they do not demand that we be loving and generous in our hearts.
He continued to say that Netanyahu's position is not linked to the political process as it seeks to dictate peace through the write-off of all the fundamental issues.