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However, the Senate cannot also be dictated upon to release Faeldon from custody.
British grocers have been thrown in jail for selling bananas and other produce by the pound, as requested by their customers, rather than by metric weight, as dictated by EU officials in Brussels.
The extent of exploration and testing is dictated by site variations.
Rather than statistics guiding policy, a preordained policy dictated what the statistics would be.
Because it's easy to get lost in a corporate culture dictated by your employer, it's important to take the time to clarify your position.
Transcribing the dictated note, awaiting review and signature by the physician and filing it in the patient record adds a significant delay to the process.
The dictated notes are downloaded to a PC and then routed to a transcription service.
12) Schultz suggests that men, doctors especially, regulated women's time and dictated nurses' actions by controll ing the clock and using it to schedule the work day.
Certification and labeling are better handled by private markets dictated by consumer choice rather than by government mandates dictated by bureaucrats and special interests.
Vincent proclaims, "I will not have my pronouns dictated to me," and I echo her sentiment.
The IRS could hardly have ignored the results dictated by SFAS No.