dictated term

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Accounting Officers started the well-attended match on the front foot, pressuring Cabinet to retreat thus opening gaps in the middle of the park where their star midfielder Kabelo 'Kempes' Ebineng dictated terms with his accurate and stylish passing.
With few exceptions, the Islamabad-based ninth ranked and mother of two, Sanam, dictated terms over her opponent, who is less in experience as well as ranking (12th).
The Jones' brothers dictated terms with Garvan nailing 0-5 and Conal with three second-secondhalf points and Ryan with 1-2 before picking up a black card in injury time.
Speaking to Malay Mail recently, Rafidah claimed these individuals appointed by Najib had not only intimidated many civil servants into doing their bidding, but also dictated terms to many privately held or public-listed companies.
Vettori is an experienced campaigner but we have played him before so we know how he bowls," Besides Vettori, the toss will also be a key factor as the team winning the toss dictated terms in the first two Tests.
The report further praised Root, who drew the bowlers' length towards him and periodically hit elegant straight drives reminiscent of his predecessor as opener for Yorkshire and England, Michael Vaughan and effectively dictated terms despite his age.
Responding to the allegations that the UPA's decision to allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail was due to America's pressure, the Prime Minister, said that none of the countries can dictated terms for India.
They should have dictated terms and not been dictated to.
Traditionally, large brand-name manufacturers have dictated terms and pricing to their keiretsu subcontractors, who in turn did the same with their job shops, and so on down the food chain.
LIAM BRANCH proved good value for his 7lb claim and showed a keen awareness of pace as he dictated terms on 12-1 shot My Last Bean in the mile-and-a-half maiden, riding the grey to a two-length victory over odds-on favourite Hearthstead Pride.
In Westchester, Long Island and southern Connecticut, property owners are mulling which historical backdrop to use when deciding how far to bend to make a deal: the most recent history of the last half-decade, when they dictated terms with impunity, or the early Nineties, when they couldn't give space away.
Then two smashing goals reflected their overall superiority as they dictated terms to an outclassed Harps.