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Colbert resumed his place at Mazarin's pillow at the first interval of pain, and persuaded him to dictate a donation thus conceived.
NNA - Lebanese Prison police heed no threats or dictates by Islamist inmates or any others when checking out on ward cells, the Directorate for Internal Security announced today.
Police must act against anyone giving dictates," Chidambaram told media after attending the North Zone Chief Ministers meeting here.
PM Benjamin Netanyahu urges Palestinians to return to the negotiating table, warning that Israel will not yield to international dictates.
3 : to make necessary <Tradition dictates that we go first.
Look no further than San Francisco to see that there is an agenda to grow government dictates on employers.
In this way, your core muscle strength dictates the speed.
The forest also dictates, like it does for material recovery facilities, where a mill is going to draw its materials from--it defines the boundaries.
One of these is the Broadcasting Act of 1996, which dictates that "it shall be the duty of each broadcasting body to retain a recording of every television or sound programme which is broadcast by that body--
In reality, of course, minimum wage laws hurt the economy to the extent that they make labor more expensive than the free market dictates that labor is worth.
No global power since the Greeks, Romans, and the British, this logic dictates, has wielded so profound a political, cultural, and economic reach as the U.
The speed of the backswing dictates the speed of the lead-leg lift.