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The chief operating officer at the Bank of England, Charlotte Hogg, has stated that McKinsey was not dictating the review or strategy at the UK's central bank.
Individual boards are dictating certain things and that's something I can't agree with," he added.
As Europe prepares to cope with regulations dictating a sharp reduction in diesel emissions by 2010, CVRD Inco is creating a joint venture company with German-based Sud-Chemie AG to produce specialized materials to be used in exhaust filtration systems in the diesel automotive industry.
It would also allay New Media's fears of archiving encroaching on the creative environment and in any way dictating the means by which content is produced.
For dictating text into a word processing program, the products available at the local computer store are sufficient since the word processor does not have to shift frequently between accepting data and interpreting program commands.
The offensive player has gained operating space, and the defender is not crowding or dictating movement (Photo 10).
Creating a note in PowerNote is quite similar to dictating a note and corresponds closely to the routine employed by physicians to document a procedure.
By creating a system of obscenity law based on "community standards," Chief Justice Warren Burger was trying to prevent the standards of acceptability in New York City or San Francisco from dictating the standards of Kansas City or Norman, Oklahoma.
We do not expect that it would be any different if regulations were to be passed dictating scrap rubber use back into tires or other rubber products.
The code covers HVAC, plumbing, lighting and electricity and the building envelope, and has a number of provisions dictating that the substantial portion of a renovation -- usually 50 percent of more of a system measured in units appropriate to that system -- must follow the code.