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SpeechExec Pro 10 learns the words and phrases used over time, while also adapting to the way each user speaks, driving higher dictation accuracy and greater productivity, says Dr.
There are many companies which can utilize the dictation application.
Buonviri guides the reader through skill-building dictation exercises by giving very specific instructions on how to approach each musical example.
Total quantity or scope: System and maintenance of Digital Dictation for approx.
The new offline voice dictation, if becomes a full-fledged feature in iOS 7, will allow an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to process and convert speech on the device itself, without requiring any Internet connectivity.
Take dictation on a Mac Q: Sometimes when I type on my Mac, a little purple microphone appears on screen.
Users need to dock their dictation recorders and the dictations are automatically downloaded and transcribed by speech recognition software.
The object of our research has been the analysis of students' perceptions and attitudes to online dictation.
A broadly based and highly customizable range of professional dictation products enables you to optimize your entire documentation workflow on an unprecedented scale.
Speech and imaging solutions provider Nuance Communications Inc (Nasdaq:NUAN) announced on Friday the availability of Dragon Dictation 2.
me2me AG, supplier of web and voice services today announces the successful completion of a total merger with Swiss compatriot and leading provider of digital dictation products and voice technology iSpeech.