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DICTATOR, civil law. A Magistrate at Rome invested with absolute power. His authority over the lives and fortunes of the citizens was without bounds. His office continued but for six months. Hist. de la Jur. h.t.; Dig. l, 2, 18; Id. 1, 1, 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, it is doubtful that the odious debt doctrine would have no effect on the probability of the dictator being overthrown.
EUR currently serves as an upscale residential and shopping suburb, a lasting testament to a dictator's grand vision.
Question is this where is former dictator. Why is he found in golf clubs still.
"Haasan and the production firm behind the show are portraying the late chief minister Amma as a dictator with an intention to bring disrepute to her," she said.
2 - Make sure all three government branches ultimately report only to the president who now has become a dictator. The dictator cannot be subject to any laws or be arrested, impeached or sanctioned in any way.
In his July 5 message, the PPP Chairman said that dictator plotted to wipe out democracy and subjected democracy-loving people to worst form of inhuman torture and solitary confinements dragging the country into quagmire and people into nightmare.
Dictators are a modern phenomenon we all know because of their ruthless pursuit of power, trampling over and often murdering anybody who comes in their way.
In this case, a dictator from the majority group never chooses the violent option, as it is very expensive for him to buy the violent support of the members of his group who know that they would benefit strongly from a democratically elected majority government.
Kalder started reading the works of dictators around 2011 and somehow managed to finish the requisite reading and complete his own book within the decade.
If there were any Filipinos who didn't think Duterte was behaving like a dictator, those Filipinos were either playing blind or they didn't know the definition of "dictator."
Salleh said the former prime minister had come out with a blog posting titled The Dictator yesterday, which was basically an exercise in sarcasm and reverse-psychology to deflect the allegation that he was a dictator and kleptocrat when he was Malaysia's Prime Minister for 22 years.
Papayag kayo sa isang (My soldiers, police, would you allow a) son of a b to be a dictator?" he said.