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Well it's the 40th anniversary of Go Girl Crazy so we might do something to mark that and do it in chronological order in the middle of the set with the rest of the show full of all the best Dictators songs that everybody loves from our other records.
Dictators love to plant an ideological flag at the helm of their regimes, but ideology is actually just a screen -- though a very necessary one -- for their actual aims.
KARACHI -- July 5 is a black day for democratic history of the country when a dictator overthrew an elected government and later executed the then Prime Minster, decimated the Constitution and destroyed state institutions.
All of us wanted to see the dictator shot: you have seen it, the dictators have been executed," exulted a Bucharest radio announcer while television showed pictures of Ceausescu's body.
He considers facing dictator's realistically so as to reduce casualties, the dangers of negotiations, sources of political power, attacking the weaknesses of dictators through nonviolent struggle, strategic planning and applying political defiance.
He said that the dictators tried to devastate law order situation in the country but lawyers' community had decided on November 3 to liberate it out of cruel clutches of dictators who had nothing to do with civil rights.
All of the features of the experiment, including the equal endowments of dictators and non-dictators, are common information given to the subjects.
Just like dictators, national heroes are enemies of democracy, justice and equality.
THE UN banned Sacha Baron Cohen from shooting scenes for his new film at its HQ - in case it upset real-life dictators, the comic claimed.
Each calls to mind the self-aggrandizing postures dictators commonly give to statues erected to immortalize their glory.
It is the continent we should be concerned about, a continent that now stands much weaker and more vulnerable in the absence of one who spoke out without fear against tyrants and dictators.
The Arab Spring, a wave of revolutions in nondemocratic countries in North Africa and the Middle East, forced some dictators to flee from their countries while others stayed and one faced intervention by an international coalition.