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And even the worst kleptocratic dictators in Africa did not consume all of their loans.
The unrelenting howls of outrage against Pinochet's alleged crimes might be more convincing if the howlers were not so obviously blind to the proven crimes of the favored dictators of the left, and were not so monomaniacally obsessed with punishing one of the very few leaders of the past century who stood up to the communists' global revolution--and won.
All of us wanted to see the dictator shot: you have seen it, the dictators have been executed,' exulted a Bucharest radio announcer while television showed pictures of Ceausescu's body.
DICTATOR STYLE: LIFESTYLES OF THE WORLD'S MOST COLORFUL DESPOTS is a hard book to peg: pairing interior design with a funny look at history's alarming dictators, it blends a racy sense of humor with fun profiles of the inner sanctums of the terrifying.
Terrible Tastes of the Great Dictators will look at the former Iraqi dictator's OTT choice of decor.
We can't allow our financial systems to be misused by corrupt dictators, terrorists or other criminals.
We have long argued that taxpayers' money is being abused to prop up third world dictators.
Many people saw a new day for the country after a long history of oppression by brutal dictators.
Taylor, considered one of the most brutal dictators in the world, is an international pariah who has been accused of looting the impoverished west African nation for personal gain.
What a wonderful gift to Lincoln Brigade Veterans at the end of their lives: some measure of justice in a century that has been woefully remiss in bringing dictators and mass murderers to trial.