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Not only should artificial poetic diction (like that of the eighteenth century) be rejected, but the language of poetry should be a selection from that of ordinary people in real life, only purified of its vulgarities and heightened so as to appeal to the imagination.
But with his clipped diction and echo-drenched ivories, there's a sense that Sir Elton must always "do a number" when simply playing the damn songs would suffice.
Brush has a rapid delivery style, but her diction is clear and precise and the listener is easily able to keep up with the pace.
His semisoul vocal and distinctive diction have Motown hues in Changes and Simple Philosophy, while the reflective title track is a huge hit in the making.
The voice modulation, the diction and the liveliness that a RJ is supposed to bring up is just missing.
YOUNG actors have such poor diction that theatre audiences can barely hear them, says a leading director.
Perfecting Your Prose: A Guide To Improved Writing by writer, editor, educator and consultant Gary Michael Smith addresses the diverse grammar and writing issues of diction, description, the syntax of the well constructed sentence, and the orderly flow of the essay.
Clifton's precise diction, her simple yet sophisticated word choice, is a staple of her poetry.
Guided by the perky voice of a phantom operator, the film cuts between archival material of quaint old commercials, solemn lessons in diction, company-organized keep-fit weekends and images of row upon row of switchboard operators.
"There are some people who cringe as soon as I start speaking because their context on accents on all immigrant is negative," says Jones, rifting in her own rapid-fire diction. "What a terrible thing that we've been conditioned to immediately respond to certain people's accents as demeaning or embarrassing.
Like MacDonald Jackson, Vickers points to the highly abstract diction of the Elegy.
The book is marred by dozens upon dozens upon dozens of mistakes of spelling, grammar, and diction. Many of them are howlers.