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Toole complicates this ambiguity by establishing throughout the novel the consistent unreliability of Ignatius's pronouncements and by artfully conflating his protagonist with his narrator by assigning to each a dictional pattern that is nearly identical to the other's and to no one else's on earth.
"A"-21's main dictional engine is a ruthless concision, the kind of Joycean "extreme compression" that critics have found characteristic of Zukofsky's late poetry.
The poems arrange, too, with Commoner's laws of ecology, and contagiously spread their earthy wisdom through the inescapable attraction of their dictional and syntactical idiosyncrasy, aligning, by extension, with the idiosyncrasy of the landscape--the "dappledness" and "counterness" of our own earth.
Ideologically, the two contexts, the social-personal and the dictional, are analogous in that the relation between nonsense and the King's English is homologous to the relation between polymorphous cultural practice and the Law--in colonial India, between Indian practice and English law.