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The "Precepts of Chiron" was a didactic poem made up of moral and practical precepts, resembling the gnomic sections of the "Works and Days", addressed by the Centaur Chiron to his pupil Achilles.
Moss went on, looking at her children with a didactic purpose.
Anyway the participants reported that the guidelines would improve the didactic quality of the learning unit, having a structuring effect on the planning of the learning unit and the singular elements.
While the anthology is geared towards intermediate students, it should also be mentioned that the collection does not sound or feel didactic.
A thorough, at times didactic examination especially useful to librarians, records managers, archivists and information professionals who need to both better understand their profession and be able to skillfully explain to the accountants precisely why archives and archivists are vital part of any organizations budget.
But even the sort of earnest activists who joined Amnesty International after the last U2 tour will be disappointed by Hans Weingartner's talky, rambling movie, which is light on action and heavy on didactic dialogue.
Popular Theater and Society in Tsarist Russia deals with attempts by intellectuals, officials, and industrialists, who were anxious about disorder and immorality, to control and reshape popular culture by displacing traditional festivals and summer pleasure gardens (gul'iania and balagany) by a didactic "theater" designed to educate, discipline and uplift.
Participants attended didactic lectures presented by NEI's founder and chairman, Dr.
The charts, the result of surveys completed by the licensing jurisdictions, include general requirements, the use of clinical and didactic examinations, continuing education renewal requirements and the methods used to conduct application background checks.
It reads like narrative mixed with poetry; varied, free verse and rhymed sometimes reaching didactic proportions.
Its purpose is to speak to the religious concerns of its recipients, whether evangelistic or didactic, in ways that evoke and strengthen faith in Jesus of Nazareth.
Lifelong colleague and friend Maurice Bejart sent his adieux with the lighthearted and didactic La Barre, a celebration of hard work and discipline.