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As I shall argue further in this paper, considering all the mathematical models behind a game of chance --even having those of the second category limited to the functions of representation and description--as well as the act of modeling itself can enhance any didactical mathematical intervention or a psychological cognitive intervention.
Key words: didactical situations, didactical transposition, cinema, mathematics.
The preference seemingly given to didactical concerns by teachers demonstrates their view of definitions as a means to communicate.
13%) have a level I didactical qualification; over 82.
From a didactical point of view, according to the authors, the problem is that any linear problem, within the reach of a first year university student, can be solved without using the axiomatic theory.
A task-involving climate is created if the didactical solutions of the teacher support the development of the students' task orientation.
Between 2011 and 2013, we have carried out didactical interventions about "Scientific Racism" in schools and public universities in the municipalities of Salvador and Feira de Santana (Bahia, Brazil).
In terms of structural relations, existing between movements, we emphasize two aspects of these relations--biomechanical and didactical.
Moreover, school leaders must support implementation of any reading comprehension approach by providing opportunities for teacher dialogue and intervisitation with colleagues, planning the school year reading curriculum, or providing teachers with the necessary didactical and reading materials.
On the other hand, in order to identify situations and contexts instanced by ternary problems of conditional probability, Carles and Huerta (2007) suggest an analysis of didactical phenomenology (Freudenthal, 1983) of those problems based on the following criteria:
Metev's approach is cinematic rather than didactical, keeping his always respectful camera tightly held on three subjects whose commitment and exhaustion register in equal amounts.