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As I shall argue further in this paper, considering all the mathematical models behind a game of chance --even having those of the second category limited to the functions of representation and description--as well as the act of modeling itself can enhance any didactical mathematical intervention or a psychological cognitive intervention.
Additionally, the book can be read as expressly didactical and attractive to the young reader, mainly because of suggestive drawings, which give the account an aura of an adventure story.
whether didactical activity takes place and whether the structures are general departments or dedicated to research activities.
Thereby, didactical concepts can be improved by using the adequate mixes with respect to different learning contents and different groups of learners.
Multimedia Learning and default computer training remain open areas of theoretical and practical investigations which should clarify many aspects of nature educational, didactical, psychological and technical.
As we learned from the commentaries in the open-ended questions, this happens for psychological reasons, for example, the unwillingness of the attending physician to administer the drugs, and for didactical reasons, for example, if the attending physician is inexperienced or unfamiliar with the drugs used.
The Educational Award is intended for people at all teaching levels, those who have achieved remarkable results in the sphere of education in Estonia as a teacher, as a university lecturer, a head or an employee of an educational institution, an author of textbooks and didactical materials, a person who has initiated and implemented practical educational innovations or an official who has taken part in developing education policy.
This is a didactical experience and it is not the first time for such thing to happen.
Taxonomies, the art of drawing classifications, are always oversimplifications of facts, but they serve didactical purposes.
Visiting critic Dan Cameron described Rrap's work as a "type of critical forgery" which when shown in combination with the Bonnard and Balthus set up "a didactical charge" (Cameron 1988: 11).
This latter feature sounds a bit 'demodee', but I think it is nonetheless much more useful, for didactical purposes, than the more common practice of relegating computer programs to appendices/floppy-disks, since it allows the reader to taste the simplicity of LB coding right away (eventually, C-language would have been a better choice for young readers, but that's a minor detail).
There have also been attempts to see this process in the light of an artificial confrontation between the traditions of German didactics (as former Soviet pedagogy was extensively based on Prussian didactical ideas) and the Anglo-American school of educational psychology (e.