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This does not in any way place the concept of didacticism above the story itself; it only helps to emphasize the importance of storytelling and helps to make it a tool for socio change and development because as Chris Ngozi Nkoro rightly observes, it is "the drive to make a literary work of art grow from social experience" that "literature offers itself as an ally of society" (68).
Thus, the argument against "didacticism" is largely semantic.
The foster care system, racial discrimination, and prejudice-induced self-loathing are only a few of the important topics Benedict tackles without didacticism. This is an issue-laden novel that teens who have moved from looking inward to looking outward for opportunities to help others will find challenging.
They avoid didacticism and yet provide much room for reflection, and for simply savouring.
Though the Army fully sanctioned the project, obviously allowing filmmakers broad access to the medical unit, some officials have more recently withdrawn support, declining to attend the film's premiere in Washington this week.Mr Alpert and Mr O'Neill avoid didacticism while delivering a message that no one could plausibly call neutral.
According to Gilbert-Santamaria, Aleman wants to share a moral didacticism that requires that his reader identify, to a degree, with the predicament of the protagonist, a marginal being who may have little in common with the average reader.
Nevertheless, much modern criticism of Edgeworth, in particular criticism of her children's books, still tends to focus primarily on her didacticism.
Determined to avoid preachy didacticism while striving for aesthetic excitement, Cohn's subjects tend to be "people who were essentially rendered invisible in our society, and as a result subject to exploitation and injustice." His award-winning work includes the 1987 feature-length project Quartet for Deafblind.
This is true life coaching, but Maisel is never corny, nor does he preach or ever come near to didacticism in his writing.
Uwe Timm never drops into the mucky realm of didacticism; he simply writes literature that has removed the veil.
These two works are treated together in a chapter entitled "The Drama as Teaching and Learning: Trauerspiel, Tragedy, Hope, and Race." Both plays are seen as teaching the terrible lessons of apartheid, yet do so according to a method that avoids the pitfalls of overt didacticism. According to Wertheim, Fugard's skill in these plays is due to his interweaving of realistic detail with the symbolic.
Sioui's autohistory is predicated on five basic elements: (1) didacticism, (2) morality, (3) confidence, (4) acceptance, and (5) harmony.