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Indeed and 'deed I did, auntie -- I wish I may never stir if I didn't.
But it ain't reasonable; be- cause, why didn't you tell me, child?
Why, I had the Ladies' Aid, you know, and kitty didn't have anybody.
I've tried four houses, but--they didn't want me--though I said I expected ter work, 'course.
Didn't she say before they had sat down five minutes that Barbara's mother was exactly the sort of lady she expected, and didn't Barbara's mother say that Kit's mother was the very picture of what she had expected, and didn't Kit's mother compliment Barbara's mother on Barbara, and didn't Barbara's mother compliment Kit's mother on Kit, and wasn't Barbara herself quite fascinated with little Jacob, and did ever a child show off when he was wanted, as that child did, or make such friends as he made!
And what a pity it is we didn't know each other sooner.
I didn't think further forward for many reasons, more or less optimistic, but mainly because I have no homicidal vein in my composition.
Go on--I see plenty plain enough, now, that them thieves didn't get way with the di'monds.
And if she did expect me, and I didn't what would she think of me?
I prayed for one, but I didn't much expect it on that account.
The railroad,' he said, as he unbuckled the straps and took off a big '44 Colt's automatic from where he wore it handy on his left side under his coat, 'I staved as long as I agreed--three months--and it didn't get me.
He got to hanging around the widow's too much and so she told him at last that if he didn't quit using around there she would make trouble for him.