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I wouldn't wish my feet on my worst enemy, yet skilled Jade didn't bat an eyelid, leaving them rejuvenated and smooth.
uk Most people made a felt flower brooch or a little felt bag but I wanted to make a gnome and fair play, Cassie didn't bat an eyelid.
Youngest daughter Madison didn't bat an eyelid when I removed another one in its entirety from her junior roast turkey plate (pounds 5.
John Francome was here to ride him the other week for the Channel 4 coverage and Rupert didn't bat an eyelid at the cameras.
Taliban snipers immediately opened fire, turning the road into a potential killing field, but S/Sgt Wood didn't bat an eyelid.
What would have become of their families if they had died, not by some natural disaster out at sea, but because of the negligence of their own government that didn't bat an eyelid on their behalf?
The players didn't bat an eyelid when conductor Gabriel Chmura lost control of his baton and sent it flying towards the wind section.
There was a bit of banter about it but I didn't bat an eyelid as I thought he was taking the mick.
This is hardly a term that will strike fear into a group of criminals who didn't bat an eyelid for a crime the judge described as "evil".
I saw the same guy who fined me walk past a group of them and he didn't bat an eyelid.
She made us a ham salad and an amazing trifle, but the problem was I said there would be 40 people coming and around 70 turned up but luckily she didn't bat an eyelid.
Last night I was in Dubai singing for 13,000 people and I didn't bat an eyelid, but speaking to your own community and your own people is a tough one, and I say that with the greatest respect, it's hard to come home and be a superstar.