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To admit, allow, or permit.

The term suffer is used to convey the idea of Acquiescence, passivity, indifference, or abstention from preventive action, as opposed to the taking of an affirmative step.

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Of his brother's commitment to his work Mr Humphrys said: "It was the enthusiasm he had that made him a great journalist and he didn't suffer fools gladly as the WRU found out in its dark days."
He didn't suffer fools gladly. He always spoke his mind - even though it sometimes made him unpopular.
He didn't suffer fools gladly, but he would never ask you to do anything he wouldn't have done himself.
"He was a disciplinarian, showed tremendous attention to detail, didn't suffer fools gladly, which is the sign of a true professional," says Hales, who became a close friend as well as a client of Richards.
Judge Edwards was undoubtedly a great judge, a powerful yet humble man, but above all else a character who didn't suffer fools gladly.
"But he could be quite cantankerous, he undertook teacher training in Sunderland and librarian training in Whitby, but didn't complete either because he didn't suffer fools gladly and fell out with his supervisors.
Known as the Rottweiller because of his tough business acumen, he didn't suffer fools gladly but was nevertheless a Jock with a warm heart and terrific sense of humour.
He was a gentleman, but he didn't suffer fools gladly.
Many may say Sir David was prone to getting involved in rows and didn't suffer fools gladly or care for interference, but he was certainly a talented civic leader who got things done.
A source said: "She admitted from the start that she didn't suffer fools gladly - and she didn't."
"Martin didn't suffer fools gladly and was a 'point the finger and go straight through you' kind of guy.

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