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DIES. A day. There are four sorts of days: 1. A natural day; as, the morning and the evening made the first day. 2. An artificial day; that is, from day- break until twilight in the evening. 3. An astrological day, dies astrologicus, from sun to sun. 4. A legal day, which is dies juridicus, and dies non juridicus. 1. Dies juridici, are all days given in term to the parties in court. Dies non juridici are those which are not appointed to do business in court, as Sundays, and the like. Dies in banco, days of appearance in the English court of common bench. 3 Bl. Com. 276. Vide Day, and 3 Com. Dig. 358.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Thus will I die myself, that ye friends may love the earth more for my sake; and earth will I again become, to have rest in her that bore me.
Die, impenitent, die in despair, die and be damned!" And drawing a poniard from beneath his robe he thrust it into the breast of the wounded man, saying, "Here is my absolution!"
Even Marrow-Bone did not die that way, and he was the only one in my generation who had the chance.
We must die; yes—yes— we must die—it is the will of God, and let us endeavor to submit like his own children.”
“Die!” the youth rather shrieked than exclaimed, “no —no—no—there must yet be hope—you, at least, must-not, shall not die.”
We must die, Edwards, we must die—let us do so as Christians.
No—no—dearest Elizabeth, I may die with you, but I can never leave you!”
All that is long ago, and I have not died; though I wish to die and follow the road that Nada trod.
But for that woman," and he pointed to my mother, "let her make haste and die, so that I do not need to teach her what a long time death can take to come.
Die titel van die bundel, Voor-bode, mag op die oog af strydig lyk met dit wat hierbo as hoofstrekking van Vos se werk geidentifiseer is.
Hugo het as digter aan die begin van die tagtigerjare aan die woord gekom.
In M 29 deurbreek hierdie Middeleeuse towenaarassistent opnuut die grense van tyd en plek, en beland in Smartie Town in die buitewyke van Windhoek tydens die destydse onrus.