die down

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As a result, when you screw the die down against the shell holder, you maybe forcing the shoulder of the case back when you resize it.
Dave Lockie, 21, student from, Middlesbrough "They shouldn't kick up such a fuss because it will all die down eventually."
I think they hope it will just die down. But now, you really don't know what's going to happen with North Korea, so people are slowly starting to get ready, forming collaborations and groups so that when things like that happen, we have something to shield ourselves with.
Anger over Jeffords' defection has yet to die down. The Vermont senator has received so many death threats that he has been flanked for weeks by two plainclothes Capitol Hill police officers.
Then begin to screw the seating die down until you feel the die touch the case mouth.
The national executive is pretty sure this will all die down, and members will get over their WMW-related frustration.
Doctors at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Hospital decided to delay the operation to allow swelling to die down. McRae is resting at his parents' home in Lanarkshire.
It is not, unfortunately, a "perfect" storm, since the winds die down obligingly whenever our humans need to exchange some manly confidences.
Lastly, Maucher predicted that the uproar over genetically modified food eventually would die down.
But no one expects the clamor and speculation wrought by the Agostini decision to die down any time soon.