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According to Pascrell, the goal is to "reel in" secondary ticket markets--the act is a net designed to scoop up large-volume scalpers while letting die-hard fans and small fish swim on.
In Quebec, other die-hard fanatics--these opposed to raising tuition fees to levels that would still be a fraction of what the average Canadian student pays--attacked and sacked the riding of a government official, that of provincial Education Minister Line Beauchamp.
I was a die-hard Newcastle fan and used to go every week with my dad, stepdad and other family members.
We've got about three or four die-hard football fans but the rest are not so excited.
Die-hard smokers claim a cigarette relaxes them, alleviates tension, and makes them feel better.
DIE-HARD Evertonians at the Royal Court theatre are having to hold their tongue during their latest production of You'll Never Walk Alone.
If there's one thing that can get a die-hard ``American Idol'' fan's shorts in a knot, it's a chronic busy signal on the phone line when it's time to vote for the weekly favorite singer.
Die-hard rock fans can identify with Gog, as can fans of fantasy.
Die-hard Manson fans will be glad he has mostly shunned the glam direction he seemed headed for with Mechanical Animals.
By 1997, Johnson, still a die-hard ``Daredevil'' fan, heard talk about a potential film.
After the New Year celebrations you may be partied out, but die-hard clubbers who are still raring to go should check out Mr Scruff.
The disc represents a decade in the life of one of the few '90s bands to have impacted die-hard rock fans and their alternative-leaning cousins.