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Actually coming from Manchester is a good start, but the lifelong fan regularly travels from his home in Brighton to watch the games and his brother Brendan works for the club satellite channel, MUTV.Verdict: Die-hard
With only at least five 'die-hard' senators, President Rodrigo Duterte could be ousted from his post should an impeachment complaint against him reach the Senate, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said on Tuesday.
'At magugulat kayo kung ilan lang dito ang Duterte die-hard. Kumbaga kung magkakapitpitan man, sino lang 'yung maiiwan sa kanya?' he said.
The other three groups they identify are "die-hards", those who have given up giving up - a bit like Rab C.
As well as Scotland having mostly try-hards, the highest proportion of die-hards are in London.
Try-hards, for example, really want to give up and are continually trying without luck as opposed to die-hards who don't even try.
And as for Rangers' die-hards like Ian Ferguson and Ian Durrant, they might know the words to "The Sash" but they couldn't lace Laudrup's boots.
In fact, their die-hard image has often served to shield their inadequacies on the big day.
According to Pascrell, the goal is to "reel in" secondary ticket markets--the act is a net designed to scoop up large-volume scalpers while letting die-hard fans and small fish swim on.
We are fans of Bruce Springsteen, but not die-hard ones.
It seems like a no-brainer that if it were enacted, different people would be sitting in the best seats at Springsteen's concerts this year--more die-hard fans like Schuster and fewer foot-tappers like us.
By the time we got to Ticketmaster, the race between the bots and die-hard fans was over, having been run months earlier.