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7 September 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL has lowered its ratings on the bank facilities of Diehard Dies Pvt Ltd to D/P5 from BB/stable/P4+, the agency said Monday.
DieHard batteries are already sold in 870 Sears full-line stores, Sears Auto Centers and through a limited number of Sears Hardware, Sears Dealer and Orchard Supply Hardware Stores.
What we really have is a diehard Republican who just happens to be gay.
Sorry tae bother ye, mister, but we want tae find oot whit the word diehard means.
Showtime's ``Bleacher Bums'' concerns a group of diehard fans - crackpots, hopefuls and wanna-bes - who languish in the cheap outfield seats of - um, the Chicago Bruins, who just happen to have a history and ivy-lined ballpark similar to the Cubs, albeit uniforms approximating those of the San Francisco Giants.
Thanks in large part to sports-information director Glenn Haller and Ed Beyer, the diehard Marauders fan has an outlet.
Some 4,000 diehard Xena fans turned out Saturday for the two-day convention that continues today.
The possible violation were the result of a postrace inspection following the DieHard 500 at Talladega, Ala.