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In this timely and provocative book, Charles Heckscher provides a deft synthesis of New Age views but one that is tempered with critical sympathy for the Diehards. He tackles difficult and important questions and does not shy from trying to provide answers to them.
But other parts are fads or stem from factors emphasized by the Diehards: cost reduction (via teams); effort control (of more educated workers); union avoidance; and the need to provide incentives to service workers whose productivity and wage levels are stagnant.
Reality and realpolitik lie somewhere between the New Age and the Diehard positions.
"After shootin' that polis - it wis a phenomenal thing tae do - yir name should be the Incredible Gorbals Diehards."
We were now fated to be known locally as the Incredible Gorbals Diehards. We felt like comic-book superheroes.
"It looks like the Diehards were the sort o' brave guys who never gave up."
"Oh," I replied, "we're the Incredible Gorbals Diehards."
To order your copy of Gorbals Diehards, by Colin MacFarlane, published by Mainstream, for the discounted price of pounds 8.99 (RRP pounds 9.99), send a cheque, made payable to The EFC Bookshop, to Gorbals Offer, PO Box 200 Falmouth TR11 4WJ or order online at www.efcbookshop.com or call 01872 562327.
BOXING CLEVER: Colin spars with his dad, the street where he lived, left, and the Incredible Gorbals Diehards with Colin's dad, far left PLAYTIME: Back court fun
"Sorry tae bother ye, mister, but we want tae find oot whit the word diehard means."
CARE BEARS: The message from Gers diehards to Celtic ace Stubbs
Diehard Studio publishes books, produces animation videos, and creates graphic designs.