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DIES. A day. There are four sorts of days: 1. A natural day; as, the morning and the evening made the first day. 2. An artificial day; that is, from day- break until twilight in the evening. 3. An astrological day, dies astrologicus, from sun to sun. 4. A legal day, which is dies juridicus, and dies non juridicus. 1. Dies juridici, are all days given in term to the parties in court. Dies non juridici are those which are not appointed to do business in court, as Sundays, and the like. Dies in banco, days of appearance in the English court of common bench. 3 Bl. Com. 276. Vide Day, and 3 Com. Dig. 358.

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No—no—dearest Elizabeth, I may die with you, but I can never leave you
Underwater pelletizers typically use a circular die with anywhere from 10 to 20 holes up to hundreds of holes.
High Pressure Die Casting Dies: Application Results From The Field (T05-042)
The use of face-relieved dies was examined in a tire sidewall application with back-relieved and unrelieved (straightcut) dies as a comparison (refs.
n Sensitiewe leser sal nie ywerig wees om hierdie boek te lees na aanleiding van die teks op die agterblad nie; 'n krimmieleser sal weer nie kan wag om die boek oop te slaan nie.
Die deurlopende tema van die bundel is God, die Onsienlike Son, en sy invloed in die lewens van heiliges.
Each individual death means the loss of a singular version of DNA, to be sure, but for a species to survive, the individual members of the species must die.
The play with language and with associations, the foregrounding, in the short story, "Die verlossing van die beeld" (Breytenbach, 1983) with its metafictional title and apparently divergent motifs (rain/water, watch, onion, the death and burial of a grandfather) acts, as it were, as an invitation to the reader to become a co-player.
Fase vier van die 50/50 Veldtog het ten doel om Namibiese vroue te mobiliseer om as kiesers vir die verkiesing vir Plaaslike Owerhede te registreer en om hulselfs as kandidate vir die verkiesing beskikbaar te stel.
For example, there is the fact that women currently live longer, tending to die more slowly from longer-term conditions than do men, and the fact that women tend to feel freer to seek any sort of medical care, to acknowledge pain and suffering, and to classify it as unendurable.