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DIES. A day. There are four sorts of days: 1. A natural day; as, the morning and the evening made the first day. 2. An artificial day; that is, from day- break until twilight in the evening. 3. An astrological day, dies astrologicus, from sun to sun. 4. A legal day, which is dies juridicus, and dies non juridicus. 1. Dies juridici, are all days given in term to the parties in court. Dies non juridici are those which are not appointed to do business in court, as Sundays, and the like. Dies in banco, days of appearance in the English court of common bench. 3 Bl. Com. 276. Vide Day, and 3 Com. Dig. 358.

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Will you decide what men shall live, what men shall die.
Then a great roar went up from all the multitude, "Let them die, O king
I heard thy voice and the voice of yonder dog, whom I would have given to the jackals, and I will not die till I have spoken.
A mob of people came tearing after her, some with torches, and they said she was a witch who had caused several cows to die by a strange disease, and practiced her arts by help of a devil in the form of a black cat.
Optimization Of Gating, Venting And Cooling Of Die Casting Dies Through Numerical Simulation Of Mould Filling And Solidification (T05-031)
Another method of insulation is a "hollow" die design using a gap containing a vacuum.
The use of face-relieved dies was examined in a tire sidewall application with back-relieved and unrelieved (straightcut) dies as a comparison (refs.
Ook Harlow (aangehaal in Van Vuuren, "Labyrinth" 48) meen dat die skrywer wat hom in die gevangenis bevind, om twee redes skryf, naamlik om dit wat beleef word, te onthou, asook om 'n "self of self and purpose" te behou.
Die deurlopende tema van die bundel is God, die Onsienlike Son, en sy invloed in die lewens van heiliges.
Geen dogma, outoritarisme, of enge serieusheid kan saambestaan met Rabelais se uitbeeldings nie; dit opponeer alle verwaandheid, elke pasklaar oplossing in die sfeer van denke en wereldsiening.
Hartland en middelwereld: die hantering van die spanning tussen die Iokale en globale in Breyten Breytenbach se Dog Heart (1998).
Each individual death means the loss of a singular version of DNA, to be sure, but for a species to survive, the individual members of the species must die.