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Both groups continued with their usual care of lipid-lowering medication and diet therapy.
1% radiation therapy) which listed relaxation / meditation, diet therapy, megavitamins, positive imagery and faith / spiritual healing as the main CAMs (Begbie).
Salih 3- Training need in the area of Diet Therapy by Dr.
The company has concluded that highly-concentrated tea catechin may play an important role in diet therapy for diabetes.
6%) and traditional African medicine and diet therapy (130 participants each, 81.
BoulderFest will feature renowned nutrition and herbal experts who will speak on topics such as diet therapy, healing the gastrointestinal tract, and spirituality and wellness.
The fasting diet therapy is supposed to prevent life-style related diseases.
After trying diet therapy, doctors in Kansas City, Kansas, started me on 40 units of insulin.
She was prescribed a bisphosphonate, a calcium supplement, fluoride, and diet therapy to address her metabolic factors.
Its best known treatments include acupuncture herbal therapy, diet therapy, Qi Jong Tai Chi and theraptutic massage.
For example, "people with the APOE4 genotype are prime candidates for diet therapy.
If the patient has an LDL of 140 and maybe only one other risk factor, I wouldn't go for drugs, but I would go for diet therapy.