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Dietary analysis indicated that rudd deliberately consumed submerged macrophytes throughout the year, as also noted by Losos et al.
2001: Measuring natural abundance of [sup.13]C in respired C[O.sub.2]: variability and implications for non-invasive dietary analysis.--Functional Ecology 15: 791-797.
Subsequent studies should include detailed dietary analysis and engage experts in sociology and anthropology to better understand this complex issue.
Warrington is now carrying out dietary analysis and has asked a number of jockeys to submit details of what they eat and drink on a daily basis over a period of weeks.
Dietary analysis revealed that her nutritional status was poor, and further diagnostic studies were planned.
Steve, from Shotley Bridge, also provides clients with their body fat percentage, blood pressure and peak flow reading as well as a full dietary analysis.
Based on dietary analysis, researchers determined the subjects' consumption of various antioxidants, including vitamin E (its four tocopherols and four tocotrienols), vitamin C and six carotenoids.
In addition to the apparent LOEL of approximately 50 mg/kg/day based on this dietary analysis, these intakes are within range of the GN po LOEL in this validation program (Kanno et al.
Similarly, a dietary analysis can identify sources of excess calories: high-calorie drinks, eating outside the home, and large portions.
One jaguar scat was disqualified from the dietary analysis for containing bait (from Farrell et al.