difference of degree

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Crime is a human act, and criminals are distinguished from others because the crime is the expression of a difference in degree, not so qualitative and quantitative difference; there is a difference of degree between the psyche of non-criminals and criminals (Pinatel, 1963: 391).
If military discipline and distance from family are what distinguish the regular soldier from the guerilla, it must be considered a difference of degree rather than one of type.
It will be more inclined than Obama to use military force, but it will be a difference of degree rather than a dramatic break with the last eight years.
This is still a difference of degree rather than a difference in kind.
It's only a difference of degree from not being able to play because of your religious practice, and not being allowed to play because of your religion.
Every party has corrupt individuals but there is difference of degree.
While this may seem to be a difference of degree, it would have led to different results in many pre-2009 ADA cases.
Our disagreement over the magnitude of the improvement experienced by schools facing the prospect of vouchers is more substantial, but even this disagreement is only a difference of degree, nor kind.
From that perspective the difference between a book with an undisputed author and one like the New Discourse is merely a difference of degree, a matter of accidents by which some writings are reproduced in different versions and some writers are compelled to retrieve their rights from pirates and usurpers, whereas others are not.
And that difference of degree is one big reason America kept relatively calm.

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