difference of opinion

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We will have to differentiate between a difference of opinion and division.
There is a difference of opinion within the party and nothing more,' he remarked while addressing an event in Kallar Syedan.
888 said: "Due to a significant difference of opinion on value with a key stakeholder, it has not been possible to reach agreement on the terms of a possible offer and the board of the company has agreed with William Hill to terminate discussions.
Sir Doug Ellis | Sir Doug Ellis | Sir Doug Ellis led the tributes to Sir William last night and said: "We had night and said: "We had difference of opinion from time to time about Aston Villa but he was a good friend.
Diversity is a characteristic of human kind and so difference of opinion prompted by free expression should not trigger disputes but enrich human life at large.
There can be difference of opinion with anyone it can take place within a single party.
There is a difference of opinion which is not resolved", while favouring their trial under international laws.
12), he must recognise that our polite difference of opinion arises out of his choice, not mine, to remain outside of the mainstream education system on religious grounds.
This is a new reality," and it is one where tolerating a difference of opinion is not enough.
Sobti resigned after just over a year in the post citing a difference of opinion on strategy, as the drugmaker's second-quarter results beat analysts' forecasts.
Hypothesis 1(a) predicted that "there is no difference of opinion among the respondents towards creating awareness on insurance through print advertisement based on their educational level".
There is a difference of opinion but they are the board and it is their decision at the end of the day.