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Thus, the kinds that are differentiated correspond to morphological similarities and differences, even though the differentia and the descriptive appellation are explicitly tied to the different modes of reproduction.
En efecto, "Data enim rei generatione, uti hic postulo, hoc ipso, & quid ea cum alia re habeat commune, & in quo ab eadem differat, scire datur; atque ita semper vera differentia, quae dicitur specifica indicatur" (Medicina mentis, p.
In order to do this, first we defined the largest category of judicial liability and then tried to reveal the differentia specifica of the above mentioned tort liability.
Reductions are tempting, but they also risk blurring differentia specifica.
Jaynes did not give a formal definition of probability, but the above analysis suggests the following (using standard genus and differentia format):
Only by taking an infinitely small unit for observation--the differentia of history, that is, the homogeneous tendencies of men--and, attaining to the art of integrating them (taking the sums of these infinitesimals), can we hope to arrive at the laws of history" (War and Peace 986).
Things began to change in the mid-1980s, and Peter Carravetta must be given praise for starting the publication of Differentia.
The judgment authored by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani said that most of these exclusions were backed by law, rule or an intelligible differentia, thus the classification was reasonable and applied equally to convicts and prisoners and this differentia was not hit by equality clause of the constitution.
175): Item omnis differentia differentium reducitur ultimate ad aliqua primo diversa .
The transcription factor MITF functions as a key regulator of melanocyte development, function and survival and regulates genes involved in cell cycle and melanocyte differentia (Hemesath et al.
species by the differentia spiritual (roughly, the ability to become