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The onboard Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) sensor detects gas leaks and the system also captures photo imagery from both a high-resolution mapping camera and a color digital video camera that helps operators verify leak and emission indications.
Objective: The CO2Volc project (ERC n.279802) has produced an active remote sensing instrument based on the differential absorption LIDAR principle, called CO2DIAL.
In more advanced stages of leaf maturity, it was observed that the abaxial surface of the susceptible biotype presented more trichomes compared to the resistant biotypeas was reported in E.crus-galli (Table 2) (Sanyal et al., 2006).The abundance of trichomes in susceptible plants in the abaxial leaf surface may be related to the differential absorption (less than 16%) of the resistant plants in the first twelve hours compared to susceptible (Carvalho et al., 2012).
For these latest flight tests, the OID uses a two-color differential absorption technique to estimate the effective droplet diameter of the cloud, obviating the need for data from other cloud droplet-sizing probes.

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