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Discordance in differential cell count by both methods was observed when sample contained benign CSF lining cells and organisms like Cryptococcus, which was noted in 8 and 1 case respectively.
In vivo effects of heavy metals on cellular defense-mechanisms of Crassostrea virginica, total and differential cell counts.
Cytocentrifuge preparations were examined to obtain differential cell counts.
4 shows the differential cell count of inflammatory exudates in the experimental groups at 12 hours.
Consequently, these atypical smears were not appropriate for differential cell count analyses to define a potential mechanism of action of these compounds; we are currently performing detailed mechanistic studies with these compounds in vitro.
To monitor the further development of the patient's disorder, a complete automated blood cell count and a differential cell count were performed almost every day until disappearance of blast cells and other atypical cells.

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