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The most notable effect of MC on differential cell count was observed in zebra mussels exposed to the two most toxic strains of cyanobacteria and was materialized by a short-term increase of the granulocyte:hyalinocyte ratio at day 7.
Aetiologies associated with differential cell counts Neutrophilic * Parapneumonitis * Pancreatitis * Pulmonary embolus * Malignancy (rare) * Acute tuberculosis Lymphocytic * Tuberculosis * Lymphomas * Other malignancies * Rheumatoid arthritis Eosinophilic * Drug reactions Parasitic infection * Tuberculosis (rare) * Pneumothorax
A differential cell count in BAL fluid of greater than 40% eosinophils is suggested to be diagnostic of chronic eosinophilic pneumonia.
Consequently, these atypical smears were not appropriate for differential cell count analyses to define a potential mechanism of action of these compounds; we are currently performing detailed mechanistic studies with these compounds in vitro.

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