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DIFFERENCE. A dispute, contest, disagreement, quarrel.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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During this process, cells progress from a naive state (more pluripotent) to a primed state, in which they have a greater propensity to differentiate.
Process: Instructors differentiate how students will learn by planning and/or structuring various learning activities and student groupings; and
Tufts University biomedical engineers recently discovered a promising new way to induce human mesenchymal stem cells (or hMSCs, which are derived from bone marrow) to differentiate into neuron-like cells: treating them with exosomes.
While, as teacher educators, we may speak to our students about the need to differentiate, this is not followed up in actual instruction, which is not differentiated in the ways that we propose.
At tertiary referral sarcoma centers, where the treatment team understands the low metastatic potential of these lesions and the appropriateness of a marginal excision, the inability to differentiate these lesions on MRI alone does not represent a major treatment dilemma, as symptomatic tumors require marginal excision without adjuvant treatment [5, 6, 16].
23 August 2010 - US-based nucleic acid tests developer Gen-Probe Incorporated (NASDAQ: GPRO) announced today that Prodesse's ProFAST+ assay, a molecular test that simultaneously detects and differentiates three common influenza A virus subtypes has received CE Mark, enabling it to be commercialised in the European Union.
Samples of ineffective reading practices help educators differentiate reading instruction.
After the sale, these top guns differentiate through service.
They discuss the differing complexities of one-, two-, three-, and four-ring Venn diagrams, provide examples of their use with varying content areas, and describe how to use them in varying ways to differentiate the process in a lesson, such as introducing a new topic, in-class individual and/ or group activities, a unit review or assessment, and an out-of-class individual activity.
The clinical manifestations reported in this study illustrate the difficulty in differentiating chikungunya infection from classical dengue fever but may help to differentiate this infection from other causes of febrile exanthcma in travelers.

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