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RA, due to its differentiative potential, has been widely used in both cancer therapy and cancer prevention (Altucci and Gronemeyer, 2001; Sun and Lotan, 2002).
Differentiative potential of a mouse parthenogenetic embryonic stem cell line revealed by embryoid body formation in vitro.
According to Derrida, in an endless series of differentiative deferments, a signifier refers not to a real presence but only to another signifier: "One could call play the absence of the transcendental signified as limitlessness of play" (50).
Differentiative comparative advertising: Some positive results revealed by measurement of simultaneous effects on the ad-sponsoring and comparison brands.
This could result in differentiative responses in NO producing or neighbouring cells, including the induction of cytokines or growth factors (21).
Thus, the purpose of his research project was to test the significance of symbolic capital in the Russian society after the break up of the Soviet Union where the economic factors did not have high differentiative power as most of the population had the same economic, political and educational resources.
In addition, expanded neural stem cells cultured in Stemline Neural Stem Cell Expansion Medium consistently yield a healthy, high-density, neural stem cell population that maintain their differentiative capacity, the company said.
Apple, and most other computer manufacturers, are increasingly cultivating value-added resellers with differentiative applications software through co-marketing arrangements and even, in some cases, financial and technical support.
To date, we have cultured at least 8 different "cell lines" which all proliferate at similar rates and have similar differentiative capacity.