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He said tensions due to the differing interpretations are exacerbated as there is no single authority to validate the supposed true intention of the Federal Constitution.
Commenting on the current business climate, Wilma Jordan, founder and CEO of JEGI, said publishers and investors shouldn't "stay awake at night worrying" about differing economic indicators--oil prices up, consumer confidence down, some economists saying our economy is strongest in years, others saying we're poised for a downturn.
34, and differing professional opinions, accounting practitioners and auditors continue to struggle with the proper application of OCBOA principles and auditor reporting on OCBOA financial statements.
Grape: ALFA has long recognized the differing needs among consumers and states.
Further research was recommended for many areas including pilot studies in geographical settings without many existing studies, differing exposure levels and susceptibility of various occupations and populations, health impact assessments of policies and technologies, the transfer of dose--response curves and valuation functions and methodologies from developed to developing nations, toxicity of different emissions sources, exposure from indoor health pollution and related health impacts, approaches to assess health impact information, and value of information studies for different end points.
In addition, some SWAT and negotiation teams routinely train as a unit, which further fosters positive relationships because all of the differing elements have a chance to display and practice their unique skills during training with the assurance that the situation will dictate the strategy and tactics of the team, rather than parochial preset positions.
Thus board members from differing backgrounds learned to work together on a project that won wide acclaim.
Right now there are numerous private- and state-accredited organic certification authorities, which use different standards -- a response to the differing needs and values of the consumers of organic foods.
The Quebec bishops have a history of differing from Rome on issues of liturgy and discipline.
Section 3, Career Counseling for Clients with Differing Abilities, focuses on the differing intervention levels needed by consumers introduced in Chapter One.
The possibility of differing entity classifications for Federal and state tax purposes creates the potential for both opportunities and unexpected liabilities.