difficult choice

See: dilemma
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SARAJEVO, Dec 6 (KUNA) -- Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Saturday Belgrade would undoudtedly face a difficult choice in the future, accepting the European Union (EU) membership in return of recognizing Kosovo.
These experiments, conducted by psychological scientists Nadia Chernyak and Tamar Kushnir of Cornell University, suggest that sharing when given a difficult choice leads children to see themselves in a new, more beneficent light.
The Government is standing before a difficult choice - how tow act, Nineska-Fidanoska concludes.
Judges were impressed that when faced with the decision to cut costs and weather the storm or take a higher risk route, the company took the most difficult choice and came out on top.
For a while, it looks like Joe might help Kit live a little, but stumbling across an historical mystery, Kit is faced with a difficult choice.
The workers now face a difficult choice about whether to accept the money or, as the unions are recommending, turn down the deal and continue to pursue the case at employment tribunal.
The Beast is a guy faced with a very difficult choice.
Lisa Tiger, an AIDS educator from Oklahoma with a Muscogee Creek/Seminole/Cherokee and Irish heritage, spoke about how she, "too, made the difficult choice to become a mother living with AIDS.
After long discussion, the judges felt that the greater complexity of programme and ambition put the two museums ahead of the laboratory, and the difficult choice had to be made between two very fine buildings, both of which, in different ways, address the issues of history, struggle, death and identity, in the context of individual and collective experience.
The fourth difficult choice is not one for the bus consultation.
If I could, I'd spend one hour with: A very difficult choice, since my interest would be in great historical figures, but I think I would feel like a sprout in the presence of a giant redwood like, say, Winston Churchill.
In view of the two factors it wasnt a difficult choice, it was a bad choice but not a difficult choice.