difficult to accept

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This brings us to another point, more difficult to accept and understand than any other requiring belief in a base not usually accepted, or indeed entered on--whether such abnormal growths could have ever changed in their nature.
I therefore find it very difficult to accept the attitude of those MPs elected this year at the stance they are taking on Brexit.
I therefore find it very difficult to accept the attitude of MPs elected this year in relation to Brexit.
However, the Swedish hinted that it would be difficult to accept the offer due to him being the manager of Chinese club Shenzhen FC.
The judge told Conley that the breakup of a relationship could be difficult to accept.
These are the reasons that Remain voters feel cheated and find it difficult to accept that such an important decision was mishandled by politicians who should know better, and an electorate that appears to be politically naive.
I just find it difficult to accept that we have to deal with yet another contentious decision that has not gone our way.
London, Aug 06 ( ANI ): A day before the Women's U-20 World Cup kicked off in Canada, FIFA President Sepp Blatter reportedly said that it is difficult to accept women in FIFA's executive committee because Football is very macho.
Change can be difficult to accept, especially in an aging loved one.
I find it difficult to accept their decision, when I know that we are right, and more importantly, that doing nothing means depriving so many Filipinos of opportunities to grow and prosper," he said.
As a kid I found it difficult to accept whenever clubs changed their badges, so name changes are a real no-no.