difficult to accept

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"This brings us to another point, more difficult to accept and understand than any other requiring belief in a base not usually accepted, or indeed entered on--whether such abnormal growths could have ever changed in their nature.
It is true that some parts of this ruling are difficult to accept. At the same time, we should not prolong the suffering of the families who have endured hardships that are beyond description.
It is very difficult to accept and comprehend if you lose someone from the cricket fraternity, particularly as young and lively as Akhtar who was admired, respected and loved by everyone.
But what is difficult to accept is those who make a financial killing out of climate change whilst doing absolutely nothing to help the environment.
After watching the game from the stands, due to an FA ban, Pochettino (right) said: "It's difficult to accept.
Speaking to the Times, United We Stand editor Anthony Shaw details how it is 'difficult to accept' how their two greatest rivals will battle it out in the biggest game of the season so far.
Secondly, it is difficult to accept that this can be applied to all crimes.
In the sixties when John left his wife Cynthia, Beatles' fans found it difficult to accept, But when you see this exhibition you realise John and Yoko were intellectually joined at the head, It is obvious they were very much on the same wavelength, from day one, And they both had the same ideals, with their main philosophy being peace for everyone.
For us it is very easy to criticise others, but it is very difficult to accept the same criticism made against us.
The official twitter account for the IOF Spokesperson tweeted on Sunday that 'the attempt to renew the terror tunnel shows that Hamas finds it difficult to accept the collapse of the tunnel project and continues to waste the funds desperately needed for the residents of the Gaza Strip.