difficult to alter

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Thus habit differs from disposition in this, that while the latter in ephemeral, the former is permanent and difficult to alter.
The e-passport is considered to be more secure and more difficult to alter.
Richard Cremona, CEO of OpSec Security said: 'we are proud to provide WYDOT with a proven solution that is not only extremely difficult to alter, but also offers law enforcement agencies real-time search capabilities to quickly gain conclusive tag information.
They find it difficult to alter their fashion and switch to monsoon-friendly attires to look their best.
Trade experts, academics and government officials say Canada and Mexico would also seek tough concessions and that NAFTA's zero-tariff rate would be extremely difficult to alter.
I think it will be very difficult to alter the starting XI when they've performed so well, with no midweek fixture to worry about.
School refusal is a serious behavioral problem: Without assertive management, it can become a pattern which is very difficult to alter.
LEE JONES: Don't care what I use as long as I can vote out CATH ROWLANDS: I have been on a electoral count and it would be very difficult to alter ballot slips in full view of everybody else.
In such a long career, Afridi has failed to change his approach and finds it difficult to alter his style according to the situation, he added.
When encountering a major fit issue after sewing a garment, it's very difficult to alter something that's likely a result of a patternmaking flaw or pattern fit issue.
The result is a powerful survey that doesn't just present exercises for changing habits: it considers the latest research on those habits and why they are so difficult to alter, and it offers self-help collections a rare, specific examination into how to make these habit-altering changes a part of everyday life.
While one cannot avoid the physical changes of aging, and lifestyle choices and crisis are difficult to alter, it is important to realize that physical activity, along with social support, keeps people healthier and has the potential to prevent high depressive symptoms.