difficult to bear

See: oppressive
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I always tried my best to beat Strickland, because he was a player who despised the opponent he vanquished; his exultation in victory made defeat more difficult to bear.
Before leaving the convent of the Carmelites, Henrietta had desired her daughter to attend her at the palace, which she had inhabited for a long time and which she had only left because their poverty seemed to them more difficult to bear in gilded chambers.
That she loved him made the thing doubly difficult to bear, yet he knew that he could have done nothing less than he did do that night within the little railway station in the far Wisconsin woods.
But I found the sparkle of her black eyes as she sat down for a moment opposite me while I was having my drink rather difficult to bear.
The death of a baby is difficult to bear at any time of year but religious festivals can be especially hard for many people.
For them, the insecurity of not knowing when the next bomb will explode or whether they will become the latest anonymous victim of IS or another faction must be appallingly difficult to bear.
Conditions are difficult to bear, especially for the young and the old.
Rev Adrian Hirst, who is now retired, said the sudden nature of her death would make the ceremony difficult to bear for everyone.
We all accept that roadworks are a necessary evil, to keep our road network properly maintained, but it is the double or even triple whammy of roadworks delays often confronting motorists on a single journey that is becoming increasingly difficult to bear.
He said: "Some of the investors are now in their 80s and find the problems that come with growing old are made more difficult to bear with the constant anxiety many feel for the understandable reasons about their financial situations.
The process which occurs during this time of release can be difficult to bear, but it is important to remember that this person, whoever they may be, has been the pea underneath your mattress and it is time for spring cleaning.