difficult to catch

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Children in the bird stage are difficult to catch. David knows that many people have none, and his delight on a summer afternoon is to go with me to some spot in the Gardens where these unfortunates may be seen trying to catch one with small pieces of cake.
The Carabineers, judging that it would be very difficult to catch him, sent a large Mastiff after him, one that had won first prize in all the dog races.
He shared his food, his repose, and his thoughts; he knew his plans, guarded his secrets; and, impassive behind his master's agitation, without stirring the least bit, murmured above his head in a soothing tone some words difficult to catch.
Numa selected a sleek, fat filly and his flaming eyes burned greedily as they feasted upon her, for Numa, the lion, loves scarce anything better than the meat of Pacco, perhaps because Pacco is, of all the grass-eaters, the most difficult to catch.
Glen co-manager Stuart Mackintosh said: "If we win, we're five points clear and they would find it difficult to catch us but Skye would be right back in the mix if they beat us, which makes it a really big clash."
It'll be difficult to catch up, but we won't give up until it's not possible."
It's difficult to catch the sun's glimmer, the beautiful golden light.
If the Irish Derby final third leads he will be very difficult to catch. Both his kennel companions Clonbrien Prince and Lenson Blinder have huge pace but can they get the early runs to deliver their challenges?
'If we lost, we would have dropped to 2-4 and it would be difficult to catch up [with the leaders],' he said in Filipino.
He said the price of Python is more than the others but it is very difficult to catch and normally they find Thread snakes that eat the pupae or eggs of ants and other insects.
Others are much more difficult to catch. Traditionally, patients infected with influenza were felt to require a certain degree of force to expel infectious particles towards another person (coughing or sneezing).
The municipalities call in a specialized company because the chickens are difficult to catch. That teaches the experience last winter, when there was an obligation to do so as a precaution after the outbreak of bird flu.