difficult to catch

See: elusive
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The Carabineers, judging that it would be very difficult to catch him, sent a large Mastiff after him, one that had won first prize in all the dog races.
He shared his food, his repose, and his thoughts; he knew his plans, guarded his secrets; and, impassive behind his master's agitation, without stirring the least bit, murmured above his head in a soothing tone some words difficult to catch.
Numa selected a sleek, fat filly and his flaming eyes burned greedily as they feasted upon her, for Numa, the lion, loves scarce anything better than the meat of Pacco, perhaps because Pacco is, of all the grass-eaters, the most difficult to catch.
Honestly, Manchester City are too far ahead and it will be difficult to catch them but it is still possible to be second and we are going to do our best to get it.
In terms of catching City, they (United) certainly won't this season, but if I am being honest it will be difficult to catch them next season," Rooney said.
In terms of catching Manchester City, they (United) certainly won't this season, but, if I am being perfectly honest, it will be difficult to catch them next season," Rooney said.
He explained that businessmen got licence for one bird, but kept many for sale in the hiding, who were difficult to catch.
I missed a lot of school and it was difficult to catch up.
Gum disease, or gingivitis, can be difficult to catch.
It might be difficult to catch Newcastle and Norwich because they have had good starts.
Few years back trout fish was easily available in the valley everywhere, due to illegal fishing now it's very difficult to catch a trout effortlessly.
The suspect was familiar to local game wardens, but after multiple arrests, he refined his techniques, making it difficult to catch him in possession of more than 50 sunfish.