difficult to describe

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They were not their families, nor their wives, nor their servants; the relationship was peculiar, and so unlike anything known to us that it is most difficult to describe.
It would be difficult to describe the disappointment of the party, thus interrupted in their work.
There is a strange sensation connected with an experience of that nature which is quite difficult to describe.
It would be difficult to describe the state of stupor in which Villefort left the Palais.
I find it very difficult to describe how I was affected by the discovery that Rosanna Spearman was missing.
It would be difficult to describe what a flat and commonplace affair the helping Mrs Varden out afterwards was, but Joe did it, and did it too with the best grace in the world.
It would be difficult to describe the expression with which Magua listened to this threat to follow.
It is difficult to describe the confusion caused by this amendment.
It would be difficult to describe the hold that he had upon the students at Hampton, or the faith they had in him.
Tupman called distractedly upon some feminine Christian name, and then opened first one eye, and then the other, and then fell back and shut them both--all this would be as difficult to describe in detail, as it would be to depict the gradual recovering of the unfortunate individual, the binding up of his arm with pocket-handkerchiefs, and the conveying him back by slow degrees supported by the arms of his anxious friends.
Why, it is rather difficult to describe the symptoms.
Difford: It's like chocolate, it's difficult to describe but addictive in some ways, like me.