difficult to endure

See: painful
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A decade has passed, and Jude has done her best to adapt to life in Faerieland, but it is difficult to endure the bullying that comes from the gentry of Faerie.
Now--with federal encroachment upon every province of life, overt ideological hostility to American nationhood, and the Balkanization of the population into as many manipulable identities as will (until no longer needed) serve the progressive agenda--the balance of levels of governance, and our felicitous constitutional structure will be so subject to stress and attack that, ironically, the wonderful example partisans of a united Europe sought to imitate may evolve into the kind of bureaucratic tyranny Europe now finds difficult to endure.
However, many may find fasting difficult to endure, especially during the summer season in the UAE, which can easily see the mercury level reach above 45 degrees Celsius.
Written for members of the legal profession and focused on space law, the book's commentary can be difficult to endure at times.
For Canadians, although equally insightful and perhaps educational, it would be extremely difficult to endure.
Raja Manikandan, an Indian expatriate who works as an office assistant and who travels to and from Mussaffah daily, said it is going to be difficult to endure this summer.
It doesn't usually respond to soothing techniques that work at other times and for parents it can be difficult to endure.
Harris, who was allowed to remain seated as the judge jailed him, showed little emotion as Recorder Hyland passed sentence, but his barrister Gillian Batts said her client would find the substantial prison term difficult to endure because of his age.
Sharratt's choice of Gembloux's version makes for some dark, intense chapters, and reading them is often difficult to endure.
com)-- The loss of a loved one can be especially difficult to endure during the holidays.
Tourist Susan Meares, 68, of Sydney, Australia, found the whole thing a bit difficult to endure.