difficult to feel

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So sinister was the impression which that face had produced upon me that I found it difficult to feel anything but gratitude for him who had removed its owner from the world.
Readers are to expect poetry that is easy to read, but difficult to feel. It ignites the wonder in their hearts and empathy towards anyone feeling the emotions depicted in my words.' The writer is currently working on a novella and other short stories to be published at a later date.
Do you believe that people can have a relationship without being physically present in the life of the other?I felt all the people in the documentary were quite flawed (we all are, I know) and I found it difficult to feel sympathy for any of them.
While one can see what Libertyville looked like, it is difficult to feel what Libertyville was like one hundred years ago.
"A player who has won everything he has at the age of 34 will find it difficult to feel hungry, but he is deadly in that sense.
And when going up against four-time defending champion San Miguel, it isn't difficult to feel like the little guy.
If you can't see role models it makes it more difficult to feel confident about taking that pathway.
Individually they are fine and the Aussies we've had at Worcester have been fantastic, lovely guys." Asked about the subsequent events in South Africa, Moeen said: I'm someone who generally feels sorry for people when things go wrong but it's difficult to feel sorry for them.
"Over the last six months, it can be difficult to feel like we are living the dream," said Sophia.
(It's like having stretched-out rubber bands holding your joints in place.) Apart from having knees or shoulders that may pop out of their sockets, it can be difficult to feel your muscles due to fewer proprioception receptors.
There was a bearded fellow, who I found difficult to feel affection for; a dear and knowledgeable old biddy, who seemed to be Auntie BBC embodied; and two ladies fronting the programme who had escaped from CBeebies.
IT'S difficult to feel sorry for them but it has been revealed Northern Ireland has 1,000 fewer millionaires than a year ago.