difficult to feel

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So sinister was the impression which that face had produced upon me that I found it difficult to feel anything but gratitude for him who had removed its owner from the world.
Apart from having knees or shoulders that may pop out of their sockets, it can be difficult to feel your muscles due to fewer proprioception receptors.
And so, it is difficult to feel nothing but rage towards Mr Gary Mills.
There was a bearded fellow, who I found difficult to feel affection for; a dear and knowledgeable old biddy, who seemed to be Auntie BBC embodied; and two ladies fronting the programme who had escaped from CBeebies.
IT'S difficult to feel sorry for them but it has been revealed Northern Ireland has 1,000 fewer millionaires than a year ago.
Despite the mild reading of the thermometer, it can be difficult to feel warm in a cold snap in Doha.
They are even more difficult to feel when they are further away from the heart.
It is difficult to feel invested in a story that takes place over the course of a few days with characters that readers barely have time to get to know.
It can be difficult to feel thankful about Thanksgiving if you are the person who is hosting Thanksgiving.
It's difficult to feel uplifted at a funeral, but Mary's will be different for two reasons.
But while it's difficult to feel anything other than awe and respect for this genuinely inspiring figure, whose advocacy for women's education worldwide has made her a hero to millions and a target for many, it's also hard not to wish director Davis Guggenheim had approached Yousafzai's still-growing legacy with a bit less heart-tugging slickness.
She also told them it can be difficult to feel comfortable when people are saying things about your religion and you have to face those who need to "see beyond the headscarf".