difficult to translate

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He also pointed out that a submission may be from one Labour member or an entire organisation so it was difficult to translate the numbers of submissions into a measure of support for a proposal.
"The plays are quite difficult to translate because there is a lot of word-play in them, with people picking up on subtleties of language all the time."
It can also make him difficult to translate, as can his frequent wordplay.
What makes Thucydides' history important and (I speak from experience) cripplingly difficult to translate into English, is that he was less interested in what people did as the reasoning behind it.
What he said is difficult to translate, but basically, he was comparing the vehicle to a child with a mystical illness, and he now needed tawas, which is a traditional way of healing with a spiritual component.
True, he is very difficult to translate, but from other works it appears that a given text's resistance to translation was not the main criterion by which the editor included or excluded individual poems.
u It is often difficult to translate the points into pence and pounds, so customers can think they are getting a better bargain than they are.
It is difficult to translate "en overmalning" into an efficient English term.
"It's difficult to translate the Filipino concept of kursonada, meaning to say I've just decided he or she is whom I want," she said.
But fuel costs and lower airfares ahead of what Ryanair has predicted will be a 'bloodbath' in the low-cost market this winter are making it difficult to translate more travel into profits.
What concept was the most difficult to translate to visuals?