difficult to translate

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The Arabic word 'Rahma', an attribute of God, Who is also called Ar-Rahim and Ar-Rahman, encompasses meanings which are difficult to translate into English; thus, it is sometimes referred to as mercy, sometimes as grace.
The gesture diagrams look like futuristic robot icons: difficult to translate without reading the descriptions.
There are jokes that are just difficult to translate.
Unfortunately it is difficult to translate their properties to real products, as intermetallics suffer from low ductility at ambient temperature and poor machinability.
If your content has multiple angles and purposes, it can make it difficult to translate into another language.
A number of Mahfouz's novels have been made into films; one of the more difficult to translate into film, Wedding Song, inspired a new screenadaptation airing this Ramadan.
More often than not, facilities managers have to make do with two-dimensional construction drawings which can be very difficult to translate into real, three-dimensional locations within actual facilities.
That, I concede is difficult to translate on screen.
It may be easy to discuss in a class room or a seminar but difficult to translate into action.
Military victory in southern Yemen may prove difficult to translate into sustainable political achievement.
I didn't have an option in the matter and it's difficult to translate how you feel about it.
Although "it is difficult to translate cell assays and mouse models to the human system," the findings "no doubt raise important, paradigm-shifting ideas in terms of our understanding of UV-induced DNA damage," said Dr.