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The former facilitator described the group as "the most difficult group I've ever led." Upon starting the group, I wanted to believe that their "difficultness" was the reason behind their resistance, but I can't help but wonder if the quick change to a dynamic model was too unexpected, somewhat shocking, and in some way harmful, which was also evident by their expected yet powerful and repeated comments of confusion or overt silence.
The concept of "difficultness" is general across cultures, but the attributes that are problematic may be specific to certain cultures (De Vries, 1987).
We also hypothesized that maternal perceptions of the child as being high in both activity and negative emotionality and low in cooperativeness--perceptions that together refer to general child difficultness (see Goldsmith et al., 1987)--would predict a child's low self-esteem in adolescence.
In other Dutch populations, a relationship was found between perceived "difficultness" of infants and maternal scores on neuroticism, but no relationship was found between ICQ scores and children's language development at 3 to 4 years.
The success rate accounted for only 21.79 percent, which is a drop by nearly 20 percentage points, according to Lelovsky.A reason for this might be the increase in its difficultness, according to the report.
Determination of limits of errors for any measuring system for a given combination aerial/probe/near zone may be difficult and time demanding task and mathematical complexity is the main reason of the difficultness. For that reason, attempts to bypass mathematical methods and to set the limits of errors for a general method of measuring using measurements for a certain aerial are made frequently.
More than meets the eye: Parental and infant contributors to maternal and paternal reports of early infant difficultness. Parenting: Science and Practice, 3, 265-284.
Contract are awarded for Perform construction and installation work at the facility: modernization of parking for cars for 16 parking spaces at the shech gaina (asphalt works) object difficultness class - iii (third)