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Before the growing insight and experience the diffidence recedes.
These men, though enchanted with the sovereign for refusing the command of the army, yet blamed him for such excessive modesty, and only desired and insisted that their adored sovereign should abandon his diffidence and openly announce that he would place himself at the head of the army, gather round him a commander in chief's staff, and, consulting experienced theoreticians and practical men where necessary, would himself lead the troops, whose spirits would thereby be raised to the highest pitch.
After the giddy high of toppling Manchester United before Christmas, limp surrender at Vicarage Road wasn't just a world of difference, it was a world of diffidence.
He was a shy man who, to some extent, overcame his diffidence and fear while working at Ladbrokes, which was a good and beneficial experience.
But your father has a point about Asian diffidence.
Rilke pursued Lou Andreas-Salome with a mixture of diffidence and determination that she found irresistible, perhaps because his youthfulness reversed the age differences she had known with Nietzsche and Andreas.
However, the reforms never took off as his vindictiveness, biases, diffidence, hang-ups, obsessions, and partiality eventually led to policy drift, apathy, political vendetta, corruption, and widespread criminality, of which "tanim-bala" is but one example.
Sgt Hanscombe showed some diffidence at first but he appreciated the honour and agreed to the request.
Was there a little bit of diffidence in the international arena, the UN, which is supposed to solve the world's problems, wouldn't have been afflicted with this void and would have worked to establish peace in the world.
Tim Trickett is a new boy at a small rural school and prey to the bullyboys because of his diffidence socially and physically.
Promoted by a member of the panel to give his position on what was to blame, Anastasiades said: "The diffidence, fear of political cost, ignoring the opposition and its willingness to contribute in taking timely measures, and possibly ideological obstinacy, which did not allow us to take specific measures despite" advice from finance ministers, the EU and others.