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THE LEGEND OF BARNEY THOMSON 15,96mins Robert Carlyle (who also directs) is terrific in this jet-black comedy-drama about a diffident Glasgow barber who accidentally becomes a serial killer.
It was necessary the week and diffident institutions to be strengthened in order to result in a sustainable and well-based economy.
An acclaimed filmmaker is the object of diffident female attention from multiple sources, leading to an innocuous array of misunderstandings and romantic missteps.
Synopsis: The second in the Commander Truchaud series finds the diffident policeman unravelling yet another mystery in the little French village of Nuits-Saint-Georges.
THE KING'S SPEECH Film4 9PM Reined-in Oscar winner Colin Firth stars as the diffident stammering man who didn't expect to be king.
THE first series of The Mimic was so low-key and diffident I feared the powers-that-be, perhaps blinded by more shouty, look at us
UNDERWEIGHT, shifty and with a diffident demeanour Carl Mills was about as far from appearing intimidating in court as possible.
In addition, the high-ups in Health Department are diffident regarding awareness-campaign by NRDF and local health department about polio-eradication among the locals.
The haunting memory of Dettori's seven winners on September 1996 will stay with some bookmakers forever and the names Wall Street, Diffident, Mark Of Esteem, Decorated Hero, Fatefully, Lochangel and Fujiyama Crest, still send a chill down the spine of the odds-men.
Too diffident to play with the children next door she listens to them from her refuge in a large tree outside her bedroom.
90) shows that, if two agents have the same wealth, one agent is more diffident than another is a sufficient condition for one to have less HW than another.
An obituary stated: "Mr Robinson was so retiring and diffident a man that he never got the credit and reputation that were due to him.