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In contrast, the diffused light image does not have this variation; very little of the image is white.
Global infrastructure attacks, such as denial of service (DoS) attacks and worms, are becoming more distributed and diffused, creating the need for better communication between companies to help stop these attacks.
LDMOS (laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor) is a cutting-edge semiconductor technology which produces exceptional Radio Frequency (RF) performance at frequencies up to 3GHz, relative to traditional silicon device technologies such as Bipolar and VDMOS (vertically diffused metal oxide semiconductor).
It diffused softly through Japanese shoji screens and was veiled by intricately carved mashrabiyyas, casting arabesque shadows on walls and floors.
When the flashlight is angled toward the edge of the globe, the area it reaches becomes larger and more elliptical as the energy of the light beam becomes diffused.
Police called bomb disposal squad and they in time diffused bomb and saved bridge from colossal destruction.
During the evenings, light is diffused out through the slats, with equally arresting results.
The innovative IC solutions will combine Infra-Com's IrGate(TM) non-line-of-sight (NLOS) Diffused Infra-red, high-speed digital wireless communication technology with Apogee's DDX(R) all-digital, high-efficiency amplification technology.
A vertical dimension has been added by restoring old rooflights and adding another (the building has very few windows), with daylight cleverly diffused through the interior.
As well as through skylights, daylight is diffused through windows set at floor level giving oblique glimpses of water and greenery, and through great screens of translucent alabaster which simultaneously recall the luminous translucency of Byzantine churches of the Mediterranean.
a leader in manufacturing high-power, high-performance laterally diffused metal oxide silicon (LDMOS) RF power semiconductors for the wireless industry, today announces the availability of its 2001 Data Book Supplement.

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