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When an optic reflection model is applied, then the mechanism for how undiffused light and diffused light behaves becomes clear.
The light output power and phosphor conversion efficiency of the FCWLEDs were successfully improved by using the diffused nanorod reflector and the ZnO nanorod antireflection layer.
Many providers and manufacturers assume that, once a technology has received FDA approval or has become widely diffused, any shift in outcome represents only the natural evolution of technology and thus may not warrant additional scrutiny.
Two rooms of the building were completely destroyed while police diffused the other bomb.
Then, they scanned the selenide surface with a second laser for signs of spins that had diffused through the boundary.
MUZAFFARGARH, October 10, 2011 (Frontier Star): Bomb planted in an oil tanker stationed along the wall of Pak-Arab Oil Refinery here has been diffused on Sunday.
After the information from locals, the bomb disposal squad was called which diffused these explosive mines.
This side of the building faces due south and, to prevent overheating, daylight is deflected and diffused by various means.

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