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The DOA estimation method of [8] is based on a linear array geometry, so we used the localization procedure from [10], combining it with the diffuseness estimation and synthesis method of [8].
Winzer, "Diffuseness as a useful parameter for relaxor ceramics," Journal of the American Ceramic Society, vol.
If more rapid-response exposition is to create momentum, then there need to be platforms for linking together these experimental forays into the study of amplifying diffuseness, disjuncture and surprise, and, above all, to rethinking their qualities as examples for pedagogy and for instantiations in the lived lives of the world.
Recommendations to deal with the diffuseness of quality standard approaches include the introduction of monitoring and feedback mechanisms, criteria for the establishment of performance targets, and the involvement of users in the design, implementation and evaluation of quality assurance systems (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], 2004).
This is achieved by drawing on printed, written, and spoken accounts, but one of the potential problems of attempting to collect such a diverse range of sources is the potential dissolution into diffuseness and incoherency.
Far more troubling than this diffuseness, however, was the insinuation imparted by the cartoonish witticism of a number of figural one-liners in the exhibition, that invoking the problem of global warming may be, for some, largely a convenient means of injecting contemporaneity into their work.
Klinglesmith III (Socorro, NM) showed slight diffuseness and a tail about 20" long in p.a.
All of this not only suggests diffuseness of the constructs that define the RBV but also unveils an equifinality in the processes leading to a competitive advantage.
According to the theoretical framework initiated by Berle and Means (1932), the diffuseness of ownership leads to a reduction in shareholder control over managers, and as their interests are not always aligned, resources may not be allocated in order to maximize the value of the company.
The extreme diffuseness of chromosomes during prophase I in S.
The diffuseness of global warming's causes (a hundred coal plants here, a million automobiles there) is testing our strategies for protecting wildlife and ecosystems.
According to the diffuseness of the staining, sections were graded as 0 for no staining, 1 for staining <25%, 2 for staining between 25% and 50%, 3 for staining between 50% and 75%, or 4 for staining >75%.